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  • Larynx Punchworthy, Professor of Pugilism: Do you know anything about football? I don't
  • The Fearsome Fanagle: That's the one with the home base, right?
  • Larynx Punchworthy, Professor of Pugilism: And played on ice, yeah
  • The Fearsome Fanagle: Yeah I think I know a few things about that one
  • The Fearsome Fanagle: You've gotta do this thing called a "Slam Dunk", where you throw the puck so far it goes into the crowd
  • The Fearsome Fanagle: And then you get to run around all the endzones
  • Larynx Punchworthy, Professor of Pugilism: Holy shit, we need to play this game
  • The Fearsome Fanagle: Sportsball

Got a new midi controller!!! Behringer CMD PL-1, been toying around with it, it’s hella fun!


I was always confused by the statement “Teach men not to rape" because it implies that men are taught to rape women. Or if men aren’t "taught" to not rape women then we will have the urge to do so. 

My parents never taught me not to rape women. It was just common sense. The reality is some men (and women) are just sick. No matter what they are “taught” it is very well possible that they will still rape someone. 

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink.

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She’s beauty

She’s grace

She’s Ms. Step on my Face


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housing should be a basic a human right.

people shouldn’t have to “earn” a roof over their heads so that they don’t die in the streets.

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